Can Jason Whitlock Save ESPN Two days before, Deadspin had published "The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks," a months long project I had pitched and presided over, for which the staff and I had identified and profiled every African American quarterback ever to play in the National Football League. In one section, I’d examined the media coverage of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, giving special attention to the criticisms lodged by Whitlock and then ESPN talker Rob Parker. Parker had wondered aloud if RGIII was a "cornball brother," implying that he was somehow betraying blacks because he had a white fianc and supposedly voted Republican. Whitlock thought RGIII was betraying blacks, as well, only he came at Cheap jerseys from China the issue from the starboard side. In a series of columns appearing first on Fox Sports and then on ESPN, Whitlock had blamed the young quarterback’s drab second year performance on selfishness and a lack of humility. "RG III a victim of his
Convention, there were intense ratification debates about the proposed Constitution. Both James Madison and Alexander Hamilton expressed grave reservations about Thomas Jefferson’s, George Mason’s and others’ insistence that the Constitution be amended by the Bill of Rights. Those reservations weren’t the result of a lack of concern for liberty. To the contrary, they were concerned about the loss of liberties. Alexander Wholesale NFL jerseys Hamilton expressed his reservation in Federalist Paper No. 84, "(B)ills of rights . Powers not granted belong to the people and the states. . (it) would furnish, to men disposed to usurp, a plausible pretense for claiming that power." Going back to our picnic example, those who would usurp our God given liberties might enact a law banning our right to have a picnic. They’d justify their actions by claiming that nowhere in the Constitution is there a guaranteed right to have a picnic. To mollify Alexander Hamilton’s and James Madison’s fears about how a Bill of
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